"Da Brim" -- The Must-Have Visor for Sun-Conscious Riders

Eq Front Angled

I recently got my hands on a helmet visor called Da Brim, and I believe this product is a must-have for anyone wanting good sun protection while riding. This light-weight visor attaches easily and securely to just about any riding helmet (there are models for helmets with and without built-in visors), and it stays put. I found out just how well it stays on when I went out riding on a seriously blustery day -- the visor didn't budge, though it did feel like my head wanted to go for a little sail off my neck at times! I am impressed with the overall quality of this product, too:  it is tough,  well-made (in the USA -- yeah!), and easy to clean. Most importantly, it offers great protection from the sun, and as equestrians as a group show high rates of skin cancer, this is something to take very seriously. I actually feel cooler when I ride in it, as I have my own little portable "shade", and there is no glare getting into my eyes over the top of my sunglasses, either. Da Brim is available in several colors so you fashionistas can coordinate. On days when you don't need it, just pop it off and away you go. Leaves your helmet's vents unobstructed to help keep you cool.

To read more about Da Brim, check out their website: http://dabrim.com/html/products/equestrian.htm

or go to ActionRiderTack.com to purchase.

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