FLAT OUT: You're going to want these wheelbarrow tires!

Okay, I admit it: I'm a paddock princess, wanting my paddock to be so clean and tidy you could eat off the ground. Well, maybe I wouldn't eat off the ground, but I do sometimes throw hay around for the horses to pick at, so they are doing just that. What that means, of course, is manure duty -- lots of it.

To make this task as easy as possible on my perpetually sore back, I use an electric, three-wheeled cart so I am not lifting the weight of all that poop all the time. Great cart, but the thing comes with horrible, cheaply made tires that are not so cheap to replace. I got tired of shelling out for new ones all the time, so I decided to see if I could find better ones myself.

Imagine how happy I was to discover Marathon Industries, a company that specializes in flat-free tires! I gave them a call and found them exceptionally nice to deal with -- they really went above and beyond to try to get me just the right tires for my odd little cart. Sadly, we were only able to fit one of them, as the two main tires have some bizarre drive mechanism on them and the whole thing is just strangely sized. Still, I got the one tire and I'm very happy with it. Since that one takes a lot of abuse, bumping and weight, I can honestly say it has been "put to the test", and it is clearly strong and well made. These flat-free tires also have enough give to them that you don't really notice a difference between them and ordinary tires -- something I had wondered about.

The people at Marathon have plenty of tires for more normal wheelbarrows and carts, so if you are also sick of repairing flats and buying new tires when the ordinary ones fail, do yourself a favor and get some flat-free ones for your cart or wheelbarrow. You can find them online at: http://www.marathonind.com/


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