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Welcome to "The Equinist", the blog of equine journalist, author, photographer and horse trainer, Susan Kauffmann. Susan's many articles have been featured in such publications as EQUUS, Trail Blazer, HorseCare, and Western Horse Review, for whom she has also served as Health Editor. In addition, Susan has written content for equine-related courses for Michigan State University's MSU Global program, she presents educational seminars for horse owners, and her reference guide to the equine hoof, The Essential Hoof Book, was released to widespread acclaim in September of 2017. If you would like to see some of Susan's equine photography, please visit: EquineShots.blogspot.com and WildOnesMustangs.blogspot.com.

I love writing for horse magazines and feel extremely privileged to do so. However, it has always frustrated me that once an issue is off the shelf, people no longer have easy access to the information in the articles. It is also frustrating at times to be unable to express my own opinion in the articles I write, especially on subjects I care very deeply about. I therefore decided to create this blog as an antidote to those frustrations -- a place where I can make my work permanently available in hopes that it might benefit horse owners seeking information, and a place where I can speak my mind freely on horse related issues and products.

I would also like to invite readers to post their questions and comments here (try my "Ask The Equinist" column!), and I will do my best to answer you if I am able. Thank you for visiting "The Equinist", and happy trails to you all!

To contact me, click on the link that says "THE EQUINIST" under where it says "About Me" on the lower left side of the main page, and you will find another link that says "email me".

Addendum: For those of you who have asked, the image above is a digitally enhanced photo of my morgan, Gryphon. Yes, he really is that pretty, but no, he doesn't have calligraphic markings -- wouldn't that be something?


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